Terrible Dab Experience

About 2 years ago, i was staying at my sisters house, we had never smoked together prior to this. About 9am i woke up, hadn’t eaten didn’t even brush my teeth, and i go to the living room. My Sisters friend was there and had a rig and some ak47 wax. I turned on my ps3 and played Flatbush Zombies – When in Roam.Then He took a big hit, then my sister, and lastly me. Since it was my first time even using a rig i decided on taking the biggest hit i could. I immediately started coughing and choking. My sister got me a glass of water, i took a sip and then i feel cold on my side. Once i look down i see i had dropped the glass all over myself. I think i was so out of it i didn’t change. My eyes feel heavy and as if i was blinking rapidly. The feeling i felt all over was when you first smoke weed and you’re thinking to yourself why did you do this and ask god to help you. For about 10 minutes i contemplated killing myself because the visuals i had were horrible. I looked at my sister and she seemed like she was 2-D like a flat piece of paper. After that she was moving So fast and i couldn’t understand one word she was saying. I got up to try and walk it off but once i took my first step i was stumbling. I thought i would be ok if i slept it off BUT THAT WAS THE WORST THING I COULD EVER DO.Sleeping:It was pitch black i saw cogs turning and breaking off into an infinite loop then my mind was racing down a road with palm trees and each tree had a name of a family member or friend. I was trying to remember who i was once i heard myself say my name i instantly woke up.I felt like i was born again into a new person, I look around the room and said “why does this place look so familiar”. I honestly Felt like i died when i was asleep.I went to the bathroom to look into the mirror then to my sister and again to bed, I was looping. I felt like i was in hell. This happened for about 5 minutes until i told my sister that i couldn’t stop looping but she didn’t understand what i was saying. Towards the end of the high i think it was about 2pm, my sister was in the kitchen making food. when she was walking back and forth i could see her body in one spot like a time lapse. I Felt better once i ate but After that now my whole perspective is different.After that for about a year every time i smoked i would trip out and my whole body would feel numb and as if i was one with anything i touched, Almost like i was sinking into a seat or my bed.


VERY FASCINATING TO ME!!!!! Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches identical twin’s after time in space, NASA finds

Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches identical twin’s after time in space, NASA finds

Astronaut’s DNA no longer matches identical twin’s after time in space, NASA finds
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