Life is important! No matter how cheesy it sounds ITS SO TRUE. You, YES YOU, only have one opportunity to make yourself someone or something in this world. if you have the right mind set and work your ass off you can accomplish anything there are so many gateways and doorways for anyone with a smartphone or computer no matter what age. You can download an app and if your good at what your doing and people like it you can start making money, off of a phone! Don’t make up excuses to not work or blame anyone else but yourself for not using your time to be productive and bring yourself higher and higher to the top. Honestly my biggest goal is to gain a big following and inspire many people to do good and life the happy life everyone dreams of.


I can do it

I can’t live this life. I know I was not born on this earth to live this ordinary life . At such a young age I’ve realized I don’t think like most people and i’m much brighter, I have more will to do something if I put my mind to it then anyone I’ve ever met. No one wants to life this type of lavish life style more then me ! But I just don’t know how to get a that point of success or how to find that thing I can grab and run with . Essentially how do I make allot of money!

Loans? Duplex? Future Plan?

I’m a 16 year old boy from the eastern coast of the United States of America, and I want nothing more then to live a good life and be successful. Not even just having enough money to life and support my future family … but enough to literally move my moms into a big ass house and support my whole family who raised me and brought me up. My mind is no where near ordinary and I think way different than kids my age , believe it or not i’m failing out of school right now and I have no desire to pick it back up and pass. I lost all interest and nothing I learn there seems to be useful anymore . Everyone thinks i’m crazy saying I want to be so successful without a degree or anything but people in 2018 do it all the time! Right now I’ve already tired talkikg to people around to try and help brain storm ideas on what could start my career or set me up and make it and be someone at this age. If anyone else is out there that went through soemthing like this contact me!